Eastmans Archeological DiscoveriesI perform remote worldwide exploration, searching for new archeological locations. The new locations are documented using photos and GPS coordinates.

I'm Currently working on a discovery that is difficult to document and is very time-consuming. Please be patient; it will be worth waiting for. The images shown are in 8K resolution. They are best viewed on high-definition monitors.

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Home / The city of El Dorado, Percy Fawcett called it Z. 63

Here is one sample of a very bright gold building I found in Brazil's Mato Grosso State. There is also a great blue area next to the gold structure. I edit the super bright gold building to see the details of the building. I also edit the blue area for the same reason. I only found one blue anomaly and have no idea what it may be. I discovered hundreds of very bright gold buildings in this small area of Brazil.  Have I found El Dorado, the city of Z? I have several reasons to believe I did.