Eastmans Archeological DiscoveriesI perform remote worldwide exploration, searching for new archeological locations. The new locations are documented using photos and GPS coordinates.

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I discovered a Large bas-relief sculpture of a horse on the island of Naxos. Naxos was a sacred island in Hellenistic Greece. It was where the ancient god Zeus spent his childhood, in a cave. The size of the horse is approximately 235 meters tall by 235 meters wide. I have two pictures uploaded here for you to see.  One image is original and one is partially marked. It's difficult to see.

The coordinates below will bring you just above the horse's head.

Gps coordinates Latitude 37.137438 degrees, Longitude 25.560408 degrees

approx. size 235 by 235 meters

eye altitude 660 meters

heading  -142.00 degrees

image date Mar 6, 2007,