I've developed exploration techniques allowing me to discover the wonders of our world using Google Earth Pro.


  • Earth Art (!)

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  • The city of El Dorado, Percy Fawcett called it Z.

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    This is one sample of a very bright gold building I found in Brazil's Mato Grosso State. There is also a very strange blue area next to the gold building. I edit the super bright gold building in order to see the buildings details. I also edit the blue area for the same reason. I only found one blue area. In this small area of Brazil I discovered hundreds of very bright gold buildings.  Have I discovered El Dorado, the city of Z? I have several reasons to believe I did.

  • Papua New Guinea

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    11/29/2020-Discovery of a giant bas relief sculpture of a kangaroo measuring 218 meters long! Earlier and also in Papua New Guinea I located huge bas relief sculptures of cockatoos..  They're surrounded by other reliefs of different animals of varying sizes but are a little harder to make out.

    The cockatoo in the middle is 75 meters tall by 52 meters wide!

  • Norway

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    A very large area of ancient ruins was found in Norway. The area might be a burial or religious site. I see lots of symbolism in the placement of stones in some areas. The total area is approximately 5 kilometers square. I'll explore this area for the next couple of days and if I get anything worthwhile I'll post more images.

  • In Greece I Discovered the Great eye of Naxos on the island of the same name.

    Asteartea 10 Abendua 2019

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    On the Greek island of Naxos, I found a carved rock relief of an eye, eyebrow, and part of a nose. The eye itself is 47 meters wide. There are many more surprises lying under the ground cover.

  • A Giant squid? GPS Coordinates are Lat -63.048772, Lon -60.958179 in decimal degrees.

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    I investigate a giant or colossal squid image I found on the internet.  Just for the record, I did not discover this someone else discovered it and uploaded the image to Google earth previously and then it went viral.

  • Atoll near Japan

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    The images shown are closeups of part of a lagoon in an atoll not far from Japan and looking through the water from above and seeing the seabed.  The seabed looks like it's covered with rocks but what you are actually seeing is the remains of shipwrecks that have deteriorated and spilled their cargo onto the sea floor.  The next image is the enhanced version of this image where I try to get more visual detail. An interesting sidenote is there are two large ships anchored just next to the atoll while in the lagoon there is a lot of activity with platforms, boats and several divers scouring the bottom for artifacts.


  • Colossal mosaics found in Corsica

    Astelehena 7 Ekaina 2021

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    Ancient mosaics are so large they're hard to comprehend, possibly Thracian.

  • Additional areas in Nepal with shipwrecks

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    In the high mountains of Nepal, there are many areas where ancient shipwrecks are being exposed by the melting ice. In the last couple of years I have seen thousands of eroded ancient shipwrecks. I must evaluate hundreds of images before I choose to download one due to the fact I need images that my users can identify as shipwrecks. The shipwrecks are a part of history and most of what I find are on mountains are nowhere near water!  I would enjoy working with someone to help retrieve samples of the wood to have them analyzed using the Carbon-14 dating method and possibly correlating the results of several samples from different areas. It would be interesting to see if the dates have a narrow distribution.

  • Turkey, Mount Ararat, I found large ancient ships.

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    I believe Mount Ararat has an abundance of physical proof a great flood happened. On top and around the mountain, I found evidence of the remains of many ships. They are not so difficult to find. First, you must let go of the common perception of a shipwreck that most imagine. Think logically. There was a Huge flood where all the land has been destroyed and underwater. In the region of Mount Ararat, the first land seen is an island near the mountain's top. Any remaining people would head straight for it. Not just one ship but many, so many the mountain is embraced in the survivors' ships and boats' remains. Please remember to look for ancient ships having been broken and piled on top of each other. You find them eroding out of the dirt and mud and melting out of the ice. Rarely seen is a ship's full profile, just some on the top layer of debris.

  • Ancient Nepal

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    Beautiful  Nepal, another witness to a deluge whose mountain tops likely presented themselves as island sanctuaries during a great flood.

    There are millions of fossilized ships worldwide, ships on top of the mountains, on the sides and on the bottom. Ships of all sizes, ships larger than we can imagine, ships more than a thousand miles from water.

  • Artistic Earth Imagery

    Osteguna 13 Maiatza 2021

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    These art images are made with satellite images—a lot of fun.

  • More Earth Art

    Osteguna 17 Ekaina 2021

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  • Pakistan

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    Thousands of years ago a great flood happened. A flood large enough to deposit ships 6000 meters above sea level and on all the continents. The proof is in the growing amount of images on this website. Each image has it's corresponding GPS coordinates stored in a database. 

  • China

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     I discovered a huge and ancient unknown city in the vastness of China.  Within the limits of the city is a gigantic mound and on this mound are depictions of cordiforms. This album contains images of the mound.

  • Where have I explored?

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    My database currently contains over 50,000 places explored, and all with their GPS coordinates recorded.  Many discoveries have not been published to my website yet, but will be soon!

  • South China

    Astelehena 1 Martxoa 2021

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    I discovered places in China where there are so many ship carcasses it's hard to believe.

  • Nepal Mountain ships

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    Do you see the eroded and possibly fossilized ships in the mountains of Nepal in the images? 

  • Nepal, cities found

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    I just found 2 cities in Nepal.


  • Nepal

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    Nepal mountains found covered in ancient shipwrecks. 

  • China

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  • Pakistan

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  • Iran Mountain top ships!

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  • USA Mount Washington

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    In New Hampshire, in the Mount Washington area of the USA, I discovered fossilized Ships.

  • Turkey revisited

    Ostirala 25 Abendua 2020

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    Size mattered in ancient Turkey. Northeast of Antioch, there are places where human hands seemingly shaped the entire landscape, including mountains. The area is a showcase for spectacular snakehead burials and large religious sites. I will add more pictures soon.

  • Antarctic ancient ships

    Ostirala 16 Urria 2020

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    GPS Coordinates of ship front half

    Longitude: -66.273399

    Latitude: 100.984632

  • Oman

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    I found many petrified (or fossilized) ancient ships in the country of Oman. Look closely at the patterns in the rock formations, and you can make out some of the wood ship construction techniques. I' ll be searching throughout the world for more petrified ships to image and catalog. I'll also attempt to draw a ship layout with some of the more common assembly configurations I'm seeing. You can look at a document about petrified wood in this album, too.

  • Australia's shadows of prehistory.

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    I found a large number of ancient shipwrecks in the Australian desert. Think of the implications. I also found canals that include indications of shipwrecks. Some of the ships look petrified; some look like shadows. What disaster was large enough to transform a continent into a desert?

  • Greenland 1

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    Evidence of Viking Stonework. Added are various finds that oddly don't appear being of Viking origin. Some seem to be appearing from under the melting of the ice.

  • Greenland 2

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    At first I mistakenly thought I was looking at dinosaur fossils!  Now I believe the items in the landscape are possibly ancient ship bones. Make of them what you will.

  • Greenland 3

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    I found what look to be two large temple foundations in Greenland! They don't look like the typical Viking construction I see elsewhere. Not much left, so look closely.

  • Antarctica 1

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    Here are some image closeups of landscapes taken by satellite. I'm looking for anything out of the ordinary.

  • Antarctica 2

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    Are these ancient ruins on the Antarctic continent? Tell me what you think in the comments section of the image page.

  • Antarctica 3

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    Open pics to the largest size and look closely. Some of the images look almost like exposed cities. The quality of some satellite images provided by Google can be inferior.

  • A new type of burial?

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    The new type is a Snakehead or Cordiform Burial. Cordiform means Heart Shaped and most snakeheads are shaped like a heart when viewed from above.

  • Snake-head burial examples

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    One aspect of the snake religion is the snake had the power of protection. It was important for the deceased to be protected after death by making the gravesite a snakes head. Viewing the burial site from above, burials are formed in a heart shape, the symbol used for indicating a snakes head. The burials come in different forms. Some forms are mounds or just a rock outline, or both.

  • Snake Worship and early burials

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    I have located many more snakehead tombs.

  • Algeria

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    Someone formed The landscape into three colossal hands with fingers pointing. One finger is approximately 1000 meters by 2000 meters.

  • Athens, Greece

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    I belive the base of the Acropolis in Greece was initially decorated with giant ancient snakes and snakeheads bas reliefs.

  • United States discoveries

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      In this series, I show several sites I've located in Northwest Arizona, just south of the Utah border. All seven sites are in the same general area and are between the towns of Littlefield, Arizona, and St. George, Utah, specifically 11.25 miles Northeast of Littlefield, Arizona and
    9.5 miles Southwest of St. George, Utah. If there is someone local to these sites and would
    like to be part of my adventure by visiting them I would be grateful for a confirmation of my
    findings. I would be happy to post a written account of your visit to my website.  Also pictures
    you provide.

    in the sub-albums show an area of the landscape where I believe alterations were made
    in the ancient past by indigenous Inhabitants. The type of   human-made changes to the landscape I see are similar to ones I've found in other parts of the world. Since these are located in the United States, I've decided to
    include the GPS information for each site shown.

    Each sub-album contains two images one image is of the original site as found.  The second image
    is a copy of the original where I've overlaid a colored line drawing showing some of the details I see.
    There are many more details in the images than what I've indicated with colored lines if you look closely. I don't have the time. I'm exploring the entire world!

  • Mount Shasta California

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    Strange discoveries were found on Mount Shasta, California.

  • Archaeological Surveys

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    General Image results of a worldwide search for lost archaeological locations.

  • Armenia

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    Armenia is the first country to accept Christianity as a state religion. Early pagan religions were supplanted by building Churches on pagan temples. Here the remnants of a much larger pagan site can still be seen today. A Pagan temple near a Christian church is located on a huge pagan snake worship site.

  • Invisible cities

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    A general image listing of sites that appear to be cities.

  • I compare two images, one image is original and the other image is highlighted.

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    In this album the original image is compared to a copy of itself  that's highlighted to show you what I'm seeing.

  • I took some images of the colorful South American jungle.

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    I took some images of the colorful South American jungle.

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