Eastmans Archeological DiscoveriesI perform remote worldwide exploration, searching for new archeological locations. The new locations are documented using photos and GPS coordinates.

I'm Currently working on a discovery that is difficult to document and is very time-consuming. Please be patient; it will be worth waiting for. The images shown are in 8K resolution. They are best viewed on high-definition monitors.

To magnify the image. Choose an Album to view. Click on an image to open it, then click on the square icon on the upper right and choose a size. For the largest size, choose "original."

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2021-08-19 11-00-011e

2021-08-19_11-00-011e.png closeup 21eSThumbnails2019-02-05 14-03-43closeup 21eSThumbnails2019-02-05 14-03-43

In this image the rocky surface has been altered into pathways. Also there places with rock rows easily seen in the details of the upper left and lower middle of the image.

Gary Eastman
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