Eastmans Archeological DiscoveriesI perform remote worldwide exploration, searching for new archeological locations. The new locations are documented using photos and GPS coordinates.

The images shown are in 8K resolution. They are best viewed on high-definition monitors.

To magnify the image. Choose an Album to view. Click on an image to open it, then click on the square icon on the upper right and choose a size. For the largest size choose, "original".

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This satellite image shows the largest geoglyph ever discovered. The geoglyph depicts a horse, possibly a rider, and possibly more horses. In order to see this on Google Earth Pro use these coordinates.

Go to:

longitude 35.946967

latitude 35.247248

click on the view menu on top bar then check the view history option and a timeline box will show up on your screen. 

Search through the history and find, 

satellite image date 12/30/1987 That will bring up the satellite image I used in Google Earth Pro. 

Then increase your eye altitude to 59.63 Km using the altitude slider on the right side of your screen.

Next on the uppermost right side of your image use the image rotater to rotate the image counter clockwize 170 degrees from North

You can use the faint crosshair I added to this image for reference.


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