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Look Lower Left

Look Lower Left
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This is a ground breaking discovery. I found a video on YouTube that had a Google Earth image described as a UFO. The video also included the Google Earth GPS coordinates. I then signed in to Google Earth to examine the object for myself. In this image I oriented the object just like they had it in the video and the object does look like a saucer shaped UFO, however I noticed the saucer shadow indicates the light source is above and slightly behind the saucer shape but the shadows on the terrain indicate the light source is coming from behind the observer and slightly to the right which is opposite. That would make the saucer shaped cone or dome in this image orientation to be actually a hollowed out bowl shape! This is actually the bow of a ship where the rest of the ship is under mud rocks and dirt. This ship must be many thousands of years old and what we can see of it is in incredible condition. You can see items in the hull. This must be preserved immediately. Archaeologists can contact me directly through my contact page.

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