1) Why did you start this website?
Answer: When my hobby of searching Google Earth evolved into a large database of pictures and GPS coordinates, I built this website to show others the interesting sites I've found. 
2) What are your qualifications, are you an archaeologist?
Answer: No, I am an amateur. I learned the hard way, through years of experiance. I search images for anything I feel is important. I am not restricted to any subject, institution, or employer and the opinions on this website are wholly my own.
3) Did you take the pictures?
Answer: No, the pictures were taken by satellites and high flying passenger jets. My pictures are copies of tiny areas of those huge satellite photos.
4) Why are some of your pictures still fuzzy after post processing?
Answer: Google Earth's image resolution varies from completely black to surprisingly high definition, I'm limited to the best image I can download from Google Earth and small improvements by post processing. 
5) Are the images altered with photo editing software?
Answer: Yes, most pictures are post processed to help increase details that are already in the image but hidden due to being in shadows, bright areas, lack of sharpness, etc., the list goes on.