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I discovered the world's largest pyramid. The dimensions are 2,315 meters long by 1,475 meters wide and 470 meters tall. The pyramid was built by snake worshipers. I've found signs of snake worship,(called Ophiolatreia) all around the world, my first finding was in South America and was a burial in the shape of a heart when looking from above. The heart shape,(also called cordiform) was a stylized form of the top of a snake head. Previous to the stylized cordiform shape, the shape was realistic and included a part of the body, and sometimes the whole body. I have a huge number of example images of snakehead burials on this site. Snake worship,(called Ophiolatreia) was one of the very first religions and was practiced before recorded history. Currently, I'm surveying a large area that may be the origin of Ophiolatreia due to the quantity and primitive nature of the structures I'm finding. The ancient structures are very hard to make out, however with enough experience the snake forms become obvious.
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